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Naya Create


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The base for your modular workstation.

Go wireless.

Naya Create’s full potential is unlocked when paired with modules. Offering a fully untethered experience powered by BT5 and RF for low latency input.

USB Type C

Naya Create also receives power and data through USB Type C.

Fully customizable.

Assign macros, characters, or shortcuts to any key.

With our software, Naya Flow, we aim to unlock the true potential of our input devices by giving users as much freedom as possible in creating keymaps and input profiles that suit your personal needs.

Transition between devices seamlessly.

Multi-device support.

Naya Create can connect to up to 7 devices at the same time. Easily move between them with a press of a button.

Create on the go.

Compact, sleek, and easy to transport.

The two halves come together via magnetic connection to allow for easy portability. Naya Create also ships with a free travel case that fits the two keyboard halves and all 4 modules.

Extra thumb keys.

Expand beyond the spacebar.

Your thumb is the most dexterous finger, so why limit it to just the spacebar? 3 thumb keys allow you to access multiple layers and functions in addition to a standard spacebar.

Healthy for your wrists.

Adjustable tenting.

Naya Create folds up into a tented position to alleviate strain in your wrists and forearms. Our unique tenting solution also allows you to work in this position comfortably without the need for a wrist rest.

Sculpted to your fingers.

Comfortable typing for all hand sizes.

Naya Create’s keycaps are specially sculpted for ease of access to any key. Inspired by traditional keywells, this helps increase ergonomics while maintaining comfort for all hand sizes.

Hot-swappable switches.

Choose between linear, clicky, tactile, and premium

Fitted with Gateron KS28 low profile switches. Fully hot-swappable to allow for even more customization.

Prevent injuries.

RSI/CANS (Repeated Strain Injury/Complaints of Arms Neck and Shoulders) is a leading cause of work absenteeism within workers in IT and fields that require upwards of 6 hours sitting at a computer.

Naya Create is designed to target the main pain-points caused by this, with the goal of preventing such injuries for creatives and professionals.

  • With regular keyboard

  • With Naya Create

Naya Flow

& More

Easily assign your software shortcuts to any key or module

Our software Naya Flow makes assigning software shortcuts to any key or module simple and easy.

Create powerful input profiles for any program in your software stack and combine keyboard input with module input for maximum efficiency.

Drag & drop remapping

Customize your keymaps by simply dragging and dropping the characters you want to assign onto the corresponding keys within our software.

On-screen keymap overlay

Naya Flow allows you to setup literally millions of keymap layers. Our on-screen overlay provides you with an easily accessible visual reference in case you forget any of them.

Layer-based backlighting

Configure the keyboard LEDs to isolate specific keys within a layer, or change color based on a certain keymap profile.

What it looks like⠀

Multiple language and special characters support.

Store keyboards from different languages on separate layers for on-the-fly code switching and easy access to special characters and currency symbols.

Save and share your profiles and keymaps

Our Naya marketplace allows users to download and share keymaps with each other. Find community rated keymaps and profiles for your programs or contribute your own!

Q&A with our Software Developers

Our developers sat down to address some questions from our community. Hear what they had to say about Naya Flow!

Tech Specs.

Main Features Fully Programmable Keymapping
Keymap Layers
Fully Programmable RGB-A Backlighting
Full N-Key Rollover
Hot-Swap Key Switch Sockets
Columnar Stagger
Size 205mm x 120mm
Height 11.2 mm Typing Height
17 mm Total Height
Body Aerospace grade
Aluminum Unibody
Magnetic attachment Allowing for back-to-back attachment during travel
Connectivity 1x USB-C Per-keyboard half
Bluetooth 5
Low Latency RF
Keycaps Sculpted with Unique Keywell Profile
Laser Etched Legend
Shine Resistant UV Coating
Sound Damping High Quality Plate Foam above the PCB
High Quality HD Foam below PCB
Fully Foam Suspended PCB with 0 Screws
Tenting Friction Hinges
Maximum Tenting Angle: 27 Degrees
LED Diffuser 5 RGBA LEDs

What in the box

What’s in the box.

  • Naya Create Keyboard
  • Travel Case
  • Accessories Kit
  1. Extra keycaps
  2. Keycap puller
  3. Switch samples
  • Modules (Sold Separately)

Hot-swappable modules.

Go fully wireless.

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Double up.

Our modules also work great in a double-sided configuration!