The keyboard that transforms with you.

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Addressable RGB

Fully programmable

Mac, Windows, Linux

Hot Swappable

RF, Bluetooth, USB-C

QI Wireless Charging


Efficiency Unleashed: Discover the Power of Modules

No more cluttered desk or need to switch between multiple devices - with our modular keyboard, everything you need is at your fingertips.

With the easily accessible hot-swappable modules to fit your workflow in 16 possible configurations.


It's exactly what you are used to!

Just like our laptops, only that this time it's right at your fingertips without breaking your wrist - including all the 2, or 3, or 4 finger gestures you are used to - and of course anything you wish to map.


The perfect fit for not needing to move your hand away to move your mouse.

It is equipped with dual sensors allowing for a turn to scroll. It has 3 buttons for your mouse and a combo key feature.


If you need this, you know who you are!

Make use of 6 Degrees of freedom, movement along x y and z, and rotation around those axes (pitch, yaw, and roll), to mimic the movement in a virtual environment.


The absolute must-have module!

A combo of a touch surface on the top for gestures. Rotate the crown, press it, and press and rotate it. Map a feature to each of these inputs, and modify it by pressing a designated key.

Click on the module to explore more

Use the 3 fully programmable keys on the module dock to replace your "spacebar" or "control" keys. Effortlessly switch layers with these versatile keys, transforming your keyboard into a num pad, or have custom macros which adapt based on the software you are using.

Use modules for the truly wireless experience. The add-on modules house the battery for the keyboard, allowing it to be ultra-thin, ultra-portable, and ultra-lasting.


Ergonomic Excellence The Key to Optimal Health and Comfort

Naya Create is designed to allow users to adjust the placement of the keyboard to better fit the natural alignment of their hands and wrists.

This helps reduce strain on the wrists and arms, which leads to improved comfort and productivity.

Split, modular design allows for a more natural hand and wrist position

Columnar staggered layout helps prevent typing injuries and promote natural hand placement

Optional sculpted keycaps allow for further customisation of the keyboard to fit your needs and preferences

The optimal tilt comforts your wrist and reduces pressure on the carpal tunnel.

Sculpted Keycaps

For a more intuitive and healthier typing experience

Flat Keycaps

For a slim look and ultimate portability

Thick ABS keycaps with see-through legends allow the RGB LEDs to shine through in all of their glory.

We have also added acoustic foam below and above the PCB to improve typing feel and sound.


Stay Connected and Productive, Wherever You Go

Create anywhere with ease! Naya Create's compact and lightweight design, coupled with a familiar keyboard layout, ensures comfortable and efficient typing on-the-go.

0.955 inch 24.26 mm

*with flat keycaps
0.86 inch 22 mm*

The two sides of Naya Create stick together magnetically for easy portability. This allows you to easily transport your Naya Create without worrying about the two halves becoming separated or misplaced.


Discover the Unlimited Customization Options with Naya Flow

Automate repetitive tasks

Automate repetitive tasks, such as filling out forms or entering commonly used phrases, so that you can get more done in less time.

Create custom keyboard shortcuts

Our software can be used to create custom keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands, which can make it easier and faster to access them.

Customize the keys

Our software allows users to customize the keys on their keyboard, such as by remapping keys or creating custom key clusters. This can be particularly useful for people with specific ergonomic needs or preferences.

Improve typing efficiency

Our software can help you improve their typing efficiency with custom abbreviations that expand into longer phrases or blocks of text. This can help save time and reduce the risk of typing errors.

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Sustainable design for a better future

At Naya, we are committed to creating products that are not only innovative and high-quality, but also environmentally sustainable.

The Naya Create keyboard is eco-friendly due to its zero-waste extrusion manufacturing process and fully repairable design.

This not only reduces its environmental impact, but also saves you money in the long run.

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