The keyboard that transforms with you.

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(Shipping: June 2024)

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“The keyboard that never stops customizing”

“You can customize the Naya Create into the most productive keyboard for you.”

“The Naya Create is a modular keyboard system for folks who want total control”

Introducing Naya Create

An ergonomic mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable modules offering customizability and programmability.


(Shipping: June 2024)


Add modules for a fully wireless experience. Each module contains its own battery, allowing Naya Create to support RF and Bluetooth 5 while being ultra-thin and ultra-portable.


Efficiency Unleashed: Discover the Power of Modules

No more cluttered desk and no need to switch between multiple devices - with our modular keyboard, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Quickly and easily adjust your setup to better suit your workflow by using our hot-swappable modules.


Cursor control and gesture recognition.

Just like a laptop touchpad, only better positioned. Equipped with familiar gestures supporting up to 4 fingers.


For superior mousing ergonomics.

Equipped with dual sensors allowing for turn to scroll rotational input as well as 4 additional buttons perfect for mouse clicks and behavior toggles.


The proven choice for intuitive control in 3D.

Make use of 6 degrees of freedom to mimic three-dimensional movement of an object. The addition of a dial to the base elevates Float to a new level.


Equipped with Naya Pulse - made with Xeeltech’s next-generation haptic feedback.

Sporting a combination of touch surface and press-able dial, Tune allows you to freely map features to any input. From dynamic resistance to tick rate, precisely adjust every detail with Pulse.

Click on the module to explore more

Use the 3 fully programmable keys on the module dock to replace your "spacebar" or "control" key. Use them to switch layers, turning your keyboard into a num pad. Or have custom macros which adapt based on the software you are using.

Add modules for a fully wireless experience. Each module contains its own battery, allowing Naya Create to support RF and BT5 while being ultra-thin and ultra-portable.

Dynamic RGB

Fully programmable

Mac, Windows, Linux

Low-Profile switches

RF, Bluetooth, USB-C

QI Wireless charging


Ergonomic Excellence The Key to Optimal Health and Comfort

Naya Create is designed to allow users to adjust the placement of the keyboard to better fit the natural alignment of their hands and wrists.

This helps reduce strain on the wrists and arms, which leads to improved comfort and productivity.

Split design spreads your hands apart, relaxing your shoulders and naturally improving your posture.

Columnar staggered layout reduces strain and promotes natural hand placement.

Sculpted keycaps reduce travel distance to the outermost keys alleviating awkward stretching and hand positioning problems.

Tent the board to align with the natural posture of your wrist reducing pain and discomfort while typing.

Sculpted Keycaps

For a more intuitive and healthier typing experience

Thick ABS keycaps with see-through legends allow the RGB LEDs to shine through in all their glory.

Acoustic foam inserts above and below the PCB improves the typing feel and sound.


Stay Connected and Productive, Wherever You Go

Create anywhere with ease! Naya Create's compact and lightweight design, coupled with a familiar keyboard layout, ensures comfortable and efficient typing on-the-go.

0.955 inch 24.26 mm

1.37 inch 34.8 mm*

The two sides of Naya Create stick together magnetically for easy portability. This allows you to easily transport your Naya Create without worrying about the two halves becoming separated or misplaced.


Discover the Unlimited Customization Options with Naya Flow

Profiles and Layers

Store dozens of different layouts on your Naya Create to be truly ready for anything. Setup both manual and automatic profile switching to make sure you always have the necessary tools at hand.

Macros Macros Macros Macros

Macros are sequences of inputs that you can record, edit, and then unleash at the press of a button empowering you to create the custom commands that your workflow is lacking.

Remap anything and everything

Naya Flow gives users the freedom to customize the behavior of their Naya Create in exacting detail. Everything from double tapping a key to a three-fingered swipe, you get to decide what happens.

Practice makes perfect

Now that your layout is assembled, Naya Flow can assist you in familiarizing yourself with it with a live on-screen overlay of your layout and many more helpful tools that are on the way!

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Sustainable design for a better future

At Naya, we are committed to creating products that are not only innovative and high-quality, but also environmentally sustainable.

The Naya Create keyboard is eco-friendly due to its fully repairable design. We won’t force you to waste perfectly good parts due to a broken component.

This not only reduces its environmental impact, but also saves you money in the long run.

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(Shipping: June 2024)

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