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— Naya Create for the finance professional.

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Save more than 7 days per work year in


Easily assign your software shortcuts to any key or module

  • Our software, Naya Flow, makes assigning software shortcuts to any key or module simple and easy.
  • Create powerful input profiles for any program in your software stack and combine keyboard input with module input for maximum efficiency.
What’s in the box?

Naya Create for Finance comes with a Naya Create keyboard, 2 modules (Tune and Touch), a set of Tactile Switches, accessories kit, and a travel case.


Prevent injuries.

RSI/CANS (Repeated Strain Injury/Complaints of Arms Neck and Shoulders) is a leading cause of work absenteeism within workers in IT and fields that require upwards of 6 hours sitting at a computer.

Naya Create is designed to target the main pain-points caused by this, with the goal of preventing such injuries for creatives and professionals.

  • With regular keyboard

  • With Naya Create