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The perfect alternative.

A multi-purpose trackball. This compact device for cursor control is the perfect ergonomic replacement for a traditional mouse.

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Compatible with all major softwares

All of the Naya Create modules are designed to be fully unlocked and customizable. Assign your most important shortcuts and macros to any module input, and even combine them with keystrokes. Design your own ecosystem, the possibilities are endless.


Wireless Charging

Qi wireless coil equipped at the base of the moduleallows for wireless charging. Combine with wireless chargingpads underneath the module dock of your Naya Create for a fully wireless solution without the need to ever charge modules.

14 Day Battery Life

Fitted with an 800mAh battery. Go weeks without charging for maximum productivity.

Included in:

Naya Create for Video Editors & Filmmakers Bundle

Naya Track is an essential module for video editors, color graders, and filmmakers looking to use Naya Create as their workstation.

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⌀ 66 mm
Height: 41mm
Weight: 70g

Main Features Cursor Input
Rotate to Scroll
4 Configurable Buttons
Fully Programmable
Axis Locking
Battery 14 Days runtime (800 mAh)
Charging Qi Wireless Charging
Wired Connection through Keyboard
Trackball Size 40mm
Body Material Injection-Moulded Polymer Casing
Status Light RGB LED
Requirements Naya Create Keyboard
Compatibility Windows

Hot-swappable modules.

Go fully wireless.

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Double up.

Our modules also work great in a double-sided configuration!