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Naya Tune


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Next-generation dial control

Unparalleled precision and versatility. Redefines the limits of fine-tuned interaction between hardware and software.

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Compatible with all major softwares

All of the Naya Create modules are designed to be fully unlocked and customizable. Assign your most important shortcuts and macros to any module input, and even combine them with keystrokes. Design your own ecosystem, the possibilities are endless.

Haptic Feedback.

Naya Tune is fitted with a haptic feedback driver developed by Xeeltech that provides programmable functionality and feel.

Low resistance

Add a small level of resistance when turning the dial.

High resistance

Add a high level of resistance, making the dial feel heavier to turn.

Soft ticks

Create a fine ratchet-like feeling pattern when turning the dial.

Rough ticks

Create a broader pattern with more spacing between ticks.

Barrier mode

Define start and end points to restrict the dial’s rotation.

Barrier mode + ticks

Combine barrier and tick patterns along the range of the dial.

Full lockout

Completely lock the dial and fully restrict rotational input.

Speed dependency

Switch between two different haptic feedback patterns based on rotation speed.


Apply different haptic feedback patterns to the clockwise and counterclockwise directions or only allow rotation in one direction.

Fully programmable.

Customize all of the inputs that Naya Tune offers through our software, Naya Flow.

LED Ring Indicator.

A ring of light around the gesture-pad illuminates the current state of the dial. Useful for displaying parameter values, battery life, and much more.

Gesture pad.

Use the gesture pad to quickly switch between desktops, pinch-to-zoom, or quickly select clips.


Wireless Charging

Qi wireless coil equipped at the base of the moduleallows for wireless charging. Combine with wireless chargingpads underneath the module dock of your Naya Create for a fully wireless solution without the need to ever charge modules.

14 Day Battery Life

Fitted with an 1500mAh battery. Go weekswithout charging for maximum productivity.

Included in:

Naya Create for Video Editors & Filmmakers Bundle

Naya Tune is an game-changing module for video editors. The one of a kind dynamic haptic feedback and scroll control makes it the perfect device for interacting with linear timelines and clips within any video editing software.

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⌀ 66 mm
Height: 28.5mm
Weight: 120g

Main Features Programmable Haptic Feedback
In-Built Touch Surface
Fully Programmable
Battery 14 Days Runtime (1500 mAh)
Charging Qi Wireless Charging
Wired Connection Through Keyboard
Touchpad Material Fine-Grained Matte Glass
Dial Material CNC Machined Aluminum
Dial Finish Soft-Knurled
Status Light RGB LED Ring
Haptic Feedback Hapticore Driver by Xeeltech
Rotary Inputs Clockwise
Touchpad Inputs Multi-finger Gestures
Cursor Input
Requirements Naya Create Keyboard
Compatibility Windows

Hot-swappable modules.

Go fully wireless.

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