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Precision in every dimension.

The proven essential in a professional 3D workflow. Interact with virtual cameras and objects in 6-Degrees of Freedom for total control over your 3D environments.

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Compatible with all major softwares

All of the Naya Create modules are designed to be fully unlocked and customizable. Assign your most important shortcuts and macros to any module input, and even combine them with keystrokes. Design your own ecosystem, the possibilities are endless.

6-Degrees of Freedom.

Movement within a 3-Dimensional space typically occurs within 6-Degrees of Freedom. Interact with 3D environments with no limitations.

More range, more precision.

Naya Float boasts a 5mm range of motion in all directions allowing for much lower sensitivity for higher precision in smaller movements.

Fully programmable.

Customize all of the inputs of Naya Float offers through our software, Naya Flow. Lock axes, map inputs to parameters beyond your 3D software, and much more.

Even more control.

Float is also fitted with a de-clicked rotary encoder at its base which can be mapped to any value, slider, or parameter within your 3D suite.


Wireless Charging

Qi wireless coil equipped at the base of the moduleallows for wireless charging. Combine with wireless chargingpads underneath the module dock of your Naya Create for a fully wireless solution without the need to ever charge modules.

14 Day Battery Life

Fitted with an 1500mAh battery. Go weeks without charging for maximum productivity.


⌀ 66 mm
Height: 45mm
Weight: 170g

Main Features 6 DoF Motion Tracking
5mm Range of Motion
Integrated Dial
Fully Programmable
Battery 14 Days Runtime (1500 mAh)
Charging Qi Wireless Charging
or Wired Connection through Keyboard
Cap Material Durable Injection Moulded Rubber
Dial Material CNC Machined Aluminum
Dial Finish Soft-Knurled
Structure Material Zinc Core
Status Light RGB LED Ring
6 DoF Inputs Linear Movement on X‚Y‚Z Axes
Rotational Movement around X‚Y‚Z Axes
Dial Inputs Rotate Left
Rotate Right
Requirements Naya Create Keyboard
Compatibility Windows

Hot-swappable modules.

Go fully wireless.

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Double up.

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